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03-17-2009, 10:31 PM
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Tired of the same stuff!

You know , this thread will get shut down, and what ever, hope it does not...not ranting , just fed up.

Good points 1st.

Price is a find, give this guy time.......but hard for the young guy , until habs get a strong team in frt of him.

now the sheet.

5 year plan up his ace, this team is a c-, and after all the bs of how it will compete, and crap, bob is running out of time,(bob 's face tells the story, he failed, in the respect that no assets here).
not saying he should be canned, but come on, no stars to show for sheet.

phil has richards, det (well you know), ana has getz,neids, (yes they are missing the playoffs, but a cup how long ago?) , sj has ( well you know)

and so on

but now I get flak for saying , this, and you say, well the nhl is so close, and ayayayayayya

this team the habs are storied, as are the wings, and yet we don't come close.

hate to say it, but TO is giving there fans more to cheer for(even though the camara is glued to brukes ace), this team has squat.

i am tired of watching a habs team that is lost.

Bob won't trade, wont pull the trigger.

if bob is banking on pulling the trade of the year , getting #4 out of TB.

and when that fails then what?

be real fans, what ?????????????????????????????

rebuild again?

i bleed this team, and i am sick, enought of the 50% , when does this team gain

phil have what we have, and they finished at the bottom how many years ago???


sam p

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