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09-03-2004, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e)
With Hollis Thomas, Corey Simon and Darwin Walker, isn't DT a strength?
Not against the run. SImon and Walker both play the same style, a 1-gap UT. They can get run over, plus SImon is injured. Hollis is a decent run stopper, but has really been hit with injuries and can't be counted on.

Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e)
With the Freak and Douglas on the ends, that should give Johnson the option to blitz a 'little' less, which should protect the corners a bit.
Kearse will help, Douglas is a virtual non-factor. At best, a lateral move from Kalu. Johnson will have to blitz less to protect his CBs. However, it was the blitz-from-anywhere-at-any-time that helped make the Eagles defense so great. Not Blizting is like the Oilers without Wayne. Still a good team, but missing that ingredient that made them so special.

Originally Posted by DrSens(e)
I thought Vincent and Taylor took a step backwards last year. Maybe it was coming back from injuries that hindered their play.
They were old and in decline. Letting them go, like Douglas, was the right move. Not replacing them though, that was a mistake. It isn't what a player does once they leave, it is their contribution while here. That is the void that needs replacing. Eagles didn't bring in any vets to bridge the cap and neither Brown nor Sheppard have established themselves. On the contrary, Sheppard was picked on and struggled while Brown has only played as a nickel back.

Originally Posted by Dr.Sens(e)
I think this might have been a timely goodbye - just like not trying to re-sign Douglas or Trotter proved to be over the last few years.
Again, the contribution they made is what is important, not what they do in another system. When Barry Sanders retired, the Lions had a HUGE void at RB. That he did nothing for anybody but the Lions doesn't change that.

Vincent and Taylor can be total flops and it won't change the Eagles need for a CB.

As for Trotter, he did better than given credit for in DC. He just didn't play as well as he was paid. It would be difficult for any LB to excel in that situation.

Eagles absoltely missed him, no denying that. Their run defense, which was bad to begin with, got even worse. Plus, no LB has come close to being as good of a playmaker as Trotter was in Johnson's system. In the Eagles system (and before knee injury), Trotter was a stud. Nobody else has come close to that level.

[quote=Dr.Sens(e)Injuries are the scary thing, but they always are.[/QUOTE]

Any they are already adding up. Most teams take half a season to rack up as many injuries as the Eagle have. Eagles have not played a meaningful snap yet, but are already hurting. That injury list is only going to grow.

I think the Eagles are a virtual lock for the division, but have not improved nearly as much as they have been hyped. They are not significantly better than 3-4 other NFC teams. The one that takes Home Field will be the one who stays the healthiest.

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