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03-18-2009, 08:07 PM
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Goalies, what style do you play?

with all this talk about styles lately, which style do you guys play?

im going to include 4 categories because some hybrid goalies lean more toward butterfly and some toward standup

me, im a hybrid standup

i really dont butterfly alot. i half butterfly in which my right pad is on the ice and my left leg is vertical. i make kicks saves, and not these butterfly kick saves, but kick saves that kick the shot hard against the boards. i throw my leg out when i make glove saves. i put my paddle on the ice and one leg down the other half down for scrambles around the net. i react to shots, i dont go down in a stance and hope the puck hits me

i catch left btw


Butterfly: pure butterfly, goes down in butterfly for almost every shot possible. high shots, low shots, shots wide, shots over the net, you go down in butterfly

Butterfly-Hybrid: butterflys most of the game, switches things up on occasion.

Stand Up-Hybrid: stays up for high shots, comes out of the net an contests shots, when you go down, its not necessarily in a full butterfly stance

Stand Up: stays on feet for almost all shots. makes skate skaves and kick saves. only goes down when has to

i just made up these terms but atleast you get a better idea what im talking about

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