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03-18-2009, 08:23 PM
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Originally Posted by LostMyGlasses View Post
If you are planning to pluck offensive defencemen out of the second round, you are kidding yourself. They are they absolute exception, so if defence is the route you want to take, defensive is usually the way you have to go.
I think Ellington will have a far greater upside than a player just claimed off of waivers. I think that is an absurd comparison.
Edler - 2nd round. Do you find those type of guys all the time? Of course not, that's why the percentage are so low (as I said it's around 25%). In any event, I was more thinking of forwards (who carry less risk).

As to the waivers comparison - the player I was thinking of is Vaananen.

Originally Posted by LostMyGlasses View Post
I have live as well, 4 times, and I must each time I've liked him more and more. The one game I drove out to the 'whack for he absolutly destroyed one Bruin, then, still in the first period hit Moller down so hard in front of the net, Moller didn't come within 15 feet of the goalie for the rest of the game! I was laughing my ass off! Ellington turned him into a perimeter player in 1 play!

I saw him three other times in Vancouver. The first time I saw him I wasn't impressed. But every time since he's grown on me. We will see his development with the Moose next year. But, you, as long as other Canuck fans can't see passed the ends of your noses. For you, its NOW OR NEVER quick development! WHo cares about 3-4 years from now!

ha cant wait until you post in a thread in a couple years praising one of this kids hits.
I'm a Canuckfan and have been since they came into the league in 1970. I've remained a fan even thru the gruesome Bill LaForge days. That's almost 40 years of mediocrity but I haven't waivered. I want to be proven wrong in this case. I think Elllington will be an NHLer. I never said he'll be a bust (look - you won't find such a post). I just don't think he'll be better than a 3rd pairing "D" and would've preferred taking a chance on a forward.

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