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Originally Posted by Barney Gumble View Post
Edler - 2nd round. Do you find those type of guys all the time? Of course not, that's why the percentage are so low (as I said it's around 25%). In any event, I was more thinking of forwards (who carry less risk).
Actually, Edler was drafted in the third round, another exception to the rule. Exceptions are rare, by definition.

As to the waivers comparison - the player I was thinking of is Vaananen.
and for the TRILLIONTH time what are you basing this on? Whose expert opinion? How many times have you honestly seen Vaananen play? Let me guess: your going to say you've seen him play a hundred times and he's exactly like Ellington and Vaananen's experiences are linked to Ellingtons experiences and thus they will end up the exact same player.

I just don't think he'll be better than a 3rd pairing "D" and would've preferred taking a chance on a forward.
Meh, thats preference i guess. To me, grit, worth ethic and size on the back end are worth far more than small soft players. We've been their, done that in this city over and over.

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