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03-18-2009, 10:50 PM
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672 guys were drafted in the main ATD10 draft
288 drafted in the ML10 draft
216 drafted in the AAA10 draft
and a couple of add/drops

1178 in total.

Does it include all the top-1000 players of all time? Does it even include all the top-750 players of all time? (or are a couple of main ATD worthy picks out there). What players and coaches ought to have been drafted but weren't?


Draft has ended

The draft will last exactly 6 days, four picks per day. We will draft a full 24-man roster. You must draft 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, 12 forwards and a coach, with 3 additional picks to be used for whatever position(s) you want.

Trading of picks is NOT allowed. After the draft there will be a 24-hour period to do trades or add/drop.

There is NO time limit. We will make four (4) picks per day every day anytime during the day from 9:00 am eastern each day. If you miss a day then make up the picks the following day(s).

Suggestion: POST A REASON OR STATISTIC OR DESCRIPTION WITH YOUR PICK to aid discussion and let us know a bit about the pick, as many may not be household names, especially from other eras.

Any player from any league or era are eligible as long as they were not drafted in the ATD10, MLD10, or AAA10 or add/dropped.

Player selection should be based on what they have done (the 'next best' draft, so to speak, the greatest all-time careers not honored by being picked in the drafts), and not what they will do in the future, though it's understood that there is a bit of projection with players whose careers were cut short by injury.

Absolutely no dropping of players: once drafted they are drafted. At the end of the draft there will be a 24-hour period to trade or add/drop players, at which point a team could trade or else: pick up an undrafted UFA and simply discard a draft pick.

There is no time period requirement.

Note: But all ACTIVE in-2009 players must have a minimum of 300 career games. Don't bother trying to draft some contemporary hot youngum with three or less seasons of experience and projected future. Just don't. This is about the history of the game, and any player in the world now has to be assumed to have a career ending injury tomorrow morning and is being remembered fifty years from now in comparison to all other players up to this point in hockey history.

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