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Originally Posted by LeftCoast View Post
First of all, Ellington and Sauve are in no way alike. Sauve is more like a poor man's Bourdon.

If big slow defensemen are so rare - why is it that for the last 3 or four years we have been able to pick up multiple guys like Rory Fitzpatrick, Mike Weaver, Aaron Miller, Rob Davison, Ossi Vaananen, even Shane O'Brien etc. never paying them much more than $1M and all have filled this role adequately. If a defenseman was any better, he would be a #3 or #4 guy playing 20 minutes a night.
ROFLZ the fact that you lump in all those dmen into the same group makes me simply want to dismiss your post all together. Comparing a 20 year old prospect to a guy on one leg in Aaron Miller, AHL'rs in Fitzpatrick, Weaver and Davison, and a 7th dman in Ossi is lunacy.
The reason all of these are old guys is that the primary requirement for this job is experience. Experience comes from making mistakes. I would much rather have a guy be developed in someone else's minor pro system and spend 3 or 4 years making mistakes at the NHL level, then pick him up for $1M as a veteran free agent. Unless he is 6'7", there is absolutely no reason to waste a draft pick on them.
Wow. Thank the dear lord you aren't our pro scouts. You'd be worse than ****ing Delorme.
As far as "one dimensional" players like Oscar Moller, the one dimension they bring - scoring goals, seems to be highly valued in this league. Maybe it is because as long has he has a few brain cells, you can teach a big, slow defenseman to play better positionally. You can't teach someone to score goals. If Ellington is such a rare find, maybe Gillis could suggest an Ellington for Moller trade. When Dean Lombardi stops laughing he says - "No seriously, why are you calling ...".
I dont see many 1 dimensional players playing in the league, especially with low level sniper skills like Moller. There is a reason Grabner is still in the AHL, and a reason that, if playing on any other team than one thats not a perennial bottom feeder, your loverboy would be in the WHL, getting absolutely smashed by guys like Ellington, over and over.
Hey - if he turns out to have Willie Mitchel potential, I'd be happily corrected. But for Rory Fitzpatrick or Ossi Vaananen potential he is not worth the draft pick.
So long as he turns out you'll be happy, but until then you will complain? Got it. safe bet.

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