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09-03-2004, 01:08 PM
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I will say Fish that I've been fighting on this board that Poti still has value. I would bet that probably 5% if you were lucky would have thought that we could get something like we did for Nedved, Malakhov and Kovalev.

Nedved and Kovalev were horrible and made a good chunk of change. Getting 2 picks along with Helminen and Balej was ridiculous. A second rounder and prospect for Malakhov? He played OK for Philly but that price was absurd.

So people here saying we couldn't get jack for Poti really have nothing to back it up with. I mean, at 27 with offensive skills he surely could get something in return along the lines of the 3 above. Kovalev couldn't be more horrible and why his skill is much greater then Poti so are his blunders. Poti wasn't half as bad as Kovalev on defense. Kovalev was so bad it was laughable.

I'm not a Poti fan by any means but to come out and say he has no value is ridiculous. Take a look at a team like Boston. He would be a pretty good upgrade over some guys they are playing now.

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