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03-19-2009, 10:40 AM
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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
Turnovers happen.

You can't stifle creativity because turnovers might happen.

This is the reason why Renney wanted his defensemen playing a conservative game. Because having them pinch leaves your team susceptible to odd man rushes in the event of a turn over.

This is something we KNEW would happen with Tortorella.

The real issue is not that Zherdev turns the puck over sometimes, it is why do the defenseman not play aggressively against odd man rushes? It has happened numerous times, even on the goal against that Zherdev was benched for... the defenseman were TOO passive.

People either want more offensive creativity and talent, or they don't. Can't have it both ways. With the skill and reckless abandon upfront, comes the consequences of odd man rushes.

You think guys like Callahan don't turn the puck over? EVERYONE on this team turns the puck over. It is up to the other 5 guys (including the goaltender) on the ice to step up if the puck is turned over.

Zherdev provides something this team needs and without it they would not be where they are right now. He provides unpredictability with the puck. He has the ability to look one way and do something completely different with the puck.

His passes more often are on target. The minute occasions that he does happen to turn it over are more glaring because you are LOOKING for that kind of player to turn it over.

Why is it that no one says anything when Staal turns the puck over in the DEFENSIVE zone? Because he is not expected to do it, but he does do it often.
No one knows why Z was benched. Never in his career Torts benched or otherwise punished people for errors. He did when player was not doing what he wanted for some reason. May be Zherdev was offended with demotion to 3rd line and said something. That would be enough for him to spark the bench boss.
Turnover was a crime with Renney, it should not be so with Tortorella or players will not support him.

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