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03-19-2009, 11:44 AM
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Carbo is one of the last true Canadiens, I am really sad to see he will eventually leave this club. We will always need members of this team to truly understand what you need to succeed in Montreal. I also have the feeling that Gainey is on his last assignment with the Habs.
You know what I find funny guys, is that the reason that always came back why Guy got fired was that communication was not his strenght. He would not tell his players why they were benched and not in uniform. Now Carbo gets fired and does not know the reason why he is canned. Very ironic, and makes me believe that Gainey might not have been the one who took the decision to fire him.

Listening to Carbo yesterday at the PC, I could not believe we let this guy leave our organization to succeed with another team. For once I thought we had stability for the next few years, I was sure Guy would have become the next Ruff and stayed as the captain of this ship for many years to come.

Especially that this team might be dismantled next season with all the UFA's, I still dont quite get the reasoning behing this move.

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