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03-19-2009, 11:07 AM
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Originally Posted by CanadaBacon View Post
Was talking to a TPS rep today and i think i should clarify some things. TPS will live on as you know it. The 2009 gear is coming out soon (got to try out the new twiggers and they are fantastic). TPS has been bought by Sherwood. ALL TECHNOLOGY THAT HAS MADE TPS WHAT TPS IS IS STILL THERE. Really nothing has changed except you can switch Louisville for Sherwood. Gear is dirty!

I have always been a TPS guy, i mean literally always (gloves and sticks). I was worried the same as alot of you. You now longer need to worry TPS is still TPS.
That's good to know. I'm a fan of the TPS products I've used, namely the sticks and gloves. I'm also pretty big on Sherwood products, so the two working together can be a good thing. Good to know I can still pick up my next set of gloves from TPS though.

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