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03-19-2009, 11:58 AM
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I consider myself a hybrid on the butterfly side of things, even though my saves are mostly a full-butterfly. Since my hip flexibility sucks, when I go into a butterfly it's usually narrow (a la Giguere). I work on my positioning and angles a lot because of this. If my positioning was off or the shooter tries to go around me, I switch from a narrow, full butterfly to a half-butterfly (pad on the ice) to react to the shooter (I call this a "reaction butterfly", I don't know if there's actually a term for it though). I have moderate success with this technique, but it helps that I'm 6'3", have long legs and can almost do the splits.

Close shots: No reaction time, blocking butterfly, may turn into reaction butterfly.
Breakaways: Almost always Y-theory with butterfly.
Low point shots: Butterfly, getting as close to the screener's / forward's stick as possible to handle tips.
High point shots: Stand-up.
Hard cross-crease pass: Half-butterfly slide or pad stack.
Slower cross-crease pass: Full butterfly slide.
Quick wraparounds: Half-butterfly slide.

Like it implies above, if I have time I'll do a full butterfly slide, but most of the time I'll slide across the crease in a half-butterfly. Now and then I'll turn a half-butterfly slide into a pad stack, for some reason this seems to really throw shooters off and/or surprise them.

I do like the VH (when hugging the post, going down on the oppsite knee, leaving the post pad vertical and the other pad horizontal), but when the puck is in the corner I grew up using the stand-up post-hug and that's what I tend to do. If I had better mobility in butterfly then I might use VH more often, but right now I feel that once I drop into it, I'm handcuffed to the post. I have better mobility with the stand-up post-hug, I can react to one-timer setups better that way.

Paddle-down, half-butterfly is a great tool to use in close-in scrambles. A lot of goalies on another board call this "cheating" or "improper technique", but I just call it another tool in my toolbox that works fine for me, thanks.

One thing I do want to put into my toolbox of saves is the Ranford / Hasek roll, going into a pad stack then throwing your legs in the air (kinda like Ranford's first save: For Randford it was a save technique, for Hasek it was a way of flipping the whole body around so his pad stack faced the other way. A sound technique? I don't think so, but I'd love to stone someone with that in shinny.

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