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03-19-2009, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by nnkd View Post
Fun stuff, I have heard of the salary cap!

How could you add a big salary-big name player like one of aforementioned players? Well, it's very simple. You have two blueliners and a semi-back-up (you might disagree with the back-up part) goalie that make a lot of money. Solution: get rid of one/two of them. Neids is a UFA, is he going to come back? If so, you could always trade Pronger for a pretty penny. If Hiller is your guy in nets for the future (he's good... he should be!), Giguere's definitely tradeable. And what about Rob Neidermeyer? He must be near the end of his career, if he resigns, sign him at less than $2 mill? Look at all those possibilities! If I'm a betting man, I'm guessing one of the big three end up leaving or retiring during the offseason. When it comes down to it, the salary cap is really just simple mathematics and as I understand how to add and substract, I think it's fair to conclude that I understand the salary cap! Yay.
You're making this way too easy. Giguere has a NTC, so he only would be tradeable if he was willing to waive it. The only bigger contract that may be off the books this summer is Niedermayer's who I think will return for another season. There are still many spots to fill in the lineup, a couple of players who deserve raises to resign and the fact that the Ducks will probably have to deal with an internal cap next season.
Adding a contract (!) like Heatley's would be close to impossible for the Ducks. He's a great player, but from a knowledgable point of view you can't argue Ryan with his contract is a lot more valuable to the Ducks than Heatley with his.

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