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03-19-2009, 01:38 PM
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Originally Posted by m00ks View Post
See, to me that's a bit unfair. He gets the blame for a team's troubles yet he gets no recognition for the team's success. You're implying that BillyBobJoeBlow could have coached the Habs last year and be just as successful because Jarvis designed and ran a magnificent PP. If his peers and this blood hungry media can recognize his achievements for last year through a trophy nomination then the man deserves some credit.

Which is not to say that he didn't have his shortcomings since I've stated before he did made decisions that made people's head, including mine, scratched. The line juggling may have been excessive but people make it sound like a random tick. I just didn't agree that he's as bad a coach as people make him out to be.
Not at all, in the end Carbo is the head coach, so credit goes to him. I just wanted to point out that being nominated for a Jack Adams award doesn't mean much.
In today's NHL, the average coaching job is 2years. So, Jack Adams or not, you'll end up losing your job eventually and chances are more than once.
Heck, you can bring your team 2victories short of winning the Stanley Cup, yet still get fired the next year.

Carbo took some bad decisions that in the end came back to bite him in the ass. What we were going through this year seems very similar to what happened 2years ago. We couldn't get out of our slump 2years ago, and the same was happening now. Add that to the insistence of playing 4lines regularly, putting grinders on PP, Metro on 5-3 in a crucial game trailing by 1, the fact he's able to lose players like Begin/Dandy that are willing to sacrifice themselves 100% for the team, the fact our D looked worse and worse as game went by, and it's not a surprise he got fired.

He's not as bad as some people like to say, I agree, but he took a number of bad decisions.

Like I've said many times, he was also part of the problem. Carbo, the players and Gainey are all to blame for the recent lack of success.
Carbo for his bad decisions.
The players for their lack of effort.
Gainey for thinking we'd be fine without a PP Point shot and for not getting reinforcements, most noticeably at center after Lang went down.

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