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03-19-2009, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by NewHabsEra View Post
Carbo is the same guy that led this team to #1 place in the East last year, came second for the Jack Adams.. If you can say that Kovy has been playing close to the way he was last year without laughing, its your prob, personally I thought his vet pesence was bullet for this team 2 years ago, I liked him last year since he was playing with fire and dedication (with something to prove to recall) and this year I feel about the same hate of 2 years ago.. Ask people about Kovalev's play this year, you will find 50% people defending him and minimizing how negative his impact is on the team while the other half will share about the same point of view as mine..

Both Carbo and Gainey couldnt stand his play anymore, does it mean both are in the left field and poor hockey men? Its well knew in the league that this guy just cant play within a system.. Gainey stated 2 days ago that Kovy will have to stop making his little fancy moves and play better with his teammates.. Something Im saying word per word since the begin of the season.. He plays alone, doesnt work hard enough and when he works hard he doesnt work well.. Ive been saying this for a long time and Gainey just said about the same regarding our russian troublemaker..

You say I blame Kovy and only Kovy for this team failure but its not true, Im just saying he is a big part of the prob..
As you can see, the 50% that keep insisting Kovalev is playing poorly also like to keep referring to the season he's had last year.

Last season was his 2nd best one in his career point wise. Expecting him to perform as well as last year considering he's 36 is quite ridiculous.

His career PT/GP ratio is 0.8. This season, it's 0.7. Again, considering his age, it's normal to see a drop in production.
So, personally, no I'm not that disappointed in Kovalev nor do I think he's a BIG part of the problem.

I think guys like Higgins/A.Kost/S.Kost/Plek/Komi should get blamed before Kovalev and Koivu. Those guys are the future of our team, they're young and should have taken the opportunity to step up when expected too. Every single one of them has underperformed this year instead of growing.
Lats can also be blamed but in his fairness, I think he wasn't used properly. Even Tanguay, 29Pts/39GP was not what we were hoping for, granted he got injured but his production is still inferior to what we had hoped.

Am I gonna blame an aging Kovalev for not being able to carry a team at 36?..No, that would be stupid.
Am I going to blame an injury prone captain that went through cancer and clearly doesn't have as much energy?..No.

I'll blame Gainey for not bringing him the proper players to help those 2 aging veterans before pointing the fingers towards them. Find me one other team in the league that expect 35 and 36 year old players to carry them to the SCF. I'll save you the trouble by saying you won't find any.

I think people blame Kovalev and Koivu a lot but that's because they expect them to carry our team. Something they just can't do.

Now, if Koivu/Kovalev are bad seeds, that's a different question. But from what Carbo said, Kovalev isn't one. Maybe Koivu, but I think this all comes back down to him not filing the correct role. He should have a less important role, the one of a 3rd line center not 1st one.

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