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03-19-2009, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by JTG32005 View Post
That's a lie. All of it. Contrary to what you may believe, Malkin has played his best hockey when Sidney was out for stretches of time. Also, they man their own lines probably about 80% of the time. Malkin can do his damage without Crosby and vice versa

No...not yet Ovechkin doesn't, but thats not to say he hasn't been surround by skilled players that he plays with every single shift. See because you think Sid and Geno play together, you wouldn't realize this. Ovechkin plays with tremendously skilled players.

Christ sakes...Mike Green for 30 goals and 71 points. A defenseman!

So? Usually a powerplay is stacked. You can say that for anyone who plays on a powerplay regularly.

Also you may want to refer back to last season where the Pens had one of the hottest powerplays in the league when Crosby was out of the line up.

I am not questioning your hockey knowledge because I don't know you, but I do question your credibilty on this subject and whether you know anything at all about it.

Mike Green is a superstar defenseman. Semin and Backstrom are excellent prospects. The Washington Capitals have a tremendous amount of talent.

Do you remember when Malkin played with Dupuis and Sykora? Cuz I do. I wouldn't categorize them as, "superstars". I wouldn't expect you to know that though, because you have made it very evident that you do not watch games.

Remember Ryan Malone? He's still thanking Geno for that contract he signed this summer.
So many words written and not a one of them disprove the crux of my point in my last post: Ovechkin has never played on a team with a Sidney Crosby level superstar, whereas Malkin has had that luxury his whole career. Basta.

That means that Ovechkin has established himself as one of the league's top 3-5 players without a certain luxury that Malkin, who has done the same, has always had. Can't be denied. It just is.

That Ovechkin now has some goooooood players to play with (a huge step up from his first two NHL seasons) and Malkin has stepped up to the plate and carried the load when Crosby is out of the line-up is absolutely irrelevant to what I've written.

Any other inference from this discussion is of your own doing.

If the fact that, as an Islander fan, I'd not do the deal suggested in this thread for Malkin, but I'd definitely do it for Ovechkin bugs you, well then that's your perrogative.

All in all, what you wrote above - especially the statements that I've bolded - looks more like a tantrum or a rant than a desire to discuss hockey. I sure am glad I'm not as hellbent on this topic as you seem to be.

To just put an end to it all, I'll simply add to what many have written here: no team in its right mind trades a Crosby, a Malkin or an Ovechkin - unless those players simply no longer make financial sense to their respective team.

Considering Pittsburgh has two of these three players and Ovechkin has another 10 or 11 years on his deal, that scenario would likely set in for the Penguins before it ever would for the Capitals.

Have a good evening.

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