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Originally Posted by m00ks View Post
See, to me that's a bit unfair. He gets the blame for a team's troubles yet he gets no recognition for the team's success.
I'll make this simple, as simple as I can. Last season they won IN SPITE of Carbonneau.

The decisions he made have been covered ad nauseum but suffice it to say that fans everywhere have been raging over them. As have members of the media as have his own players. Normally classy players have consistantly blasted him on some of his mind numbing moves.

If you want to defend some of his ridiculous decisions like playing musical chairs with the lines, or putting out 4th liners with 30 seconds to go while a goal down, or benching veterans who are performing well without a word of explanation to them, that's fine.

But embracing the record last season as evidence that he's a good coach simply is not going to fly.

The fact is Carbonneau was making boneheaded decisions last season too, and everyone here was calling him on it. The response generally was "we're winning" and that's appropriate. When you're winning you don't break your back trying to fix problems. But we're not winning anymore, and that makes people look harder for the reasons.

Carbonneau does NOT deserve all of the blame for this season's performance. The fact is we're playing poorly this season because Gainey allowed our point man Streit to leave for free agency (for good reason, Streits demands were substantially high) and didn't replace him until he picked up Schneider recently. Also Kovalev is having a down year, that happens. Injuries also hurt us. The biggest reason is goaltending.

I'll tell you something though, the goaltending issue (the biggest reason we're losing) is squarely on Carbonneau's shoulder. He's the one who decided to keep Price out there to be scored on for 5 or 6 and even 7 goals per night, completely shattering his confidence. I called it back then, saying Carbonneau was going to completely destroy Price if he kept doing that.

The fact is Carboneau just isn't a very good coach. When the team is winning it's easy to overlook it. When the team hits the skids his weaknesses become exposed and everyone jumps on them. Fair? Maybe not, but the criticisms are warranted. The fact is that a better coach would probably have given us a better season this year. Price may not have collapsed as he had if the coach had protected him better. Players like Kovalev may have played better this season if the coach communicated better with his players or allowed them time to gel with new linemates. But Carbonneau is not a better coach.

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