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03-20-2009, 06:26 AM
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Originally Posted by BeBen View Post
So is Steve Mason, Drafted 69th overall, that ''He's only 21'' excuse is getting old REALLY old

We gave him the freaking team for christ sake and he keeps on crying and sucking obviously not doing crap to be better

Makes me wonder what Halak would be like if we would have game him the icetime of Price, a winner vs a whiner thats our goalie situation right now.

EDIT : Plus the fact that when you tell someone that you fully trust him and show him that trust by trading your #1 veteran goalie there should be a boost of confidence, im sure Halak would be a top goalie if he could have the same trust we gave Price
The Mason argument is also getting old. He's a rookie who is performing well. That does not mean that he'll be like that next year and the other seasons. He might, but many second year players have a hard time keeping it up, and that's a fact. Price is in his second year, and he's inconsistant...and yeah, he's young. I don't get why you think this argument is getting old because it's a fact that players aren't at their best in their second year. It takes time to make a good player become great. Simple, no?

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