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03-20-2009, 08:55 AM
Booya !
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Our team is sad to see on ice...

While I agree that Bob will probably leave, or get fired, cause the way they play now, I have trouble seeing them in playoffs, who's moron enough to want Timmins fired ?!? It's funny cause in the minors, they play very well, and when they get called up, they have some trouble adjusting... Timmins is responsible in the minor level, and I wonder if he even has to deal with them in the AHL... now why the **** would he be responsible for moronic coaching in the NHL ?!?

We FINALLY have AT LEAST DECENT prospects in nearly every position, NHL potential, and potentially great ones, and one slug whine about picking Kristo instead of Stefanovich ??? Hey man, this guy's got nearly no intensity, while Kristo has it in bunch ! Want to whine about Missiaen, a late round pick ?? Who's to tell what he will become ? Have a crystal ball ???

This season suck... but it's not Timmins's fault...

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