Thread: News Article: Stevens ponders changes for Flyers
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03-20-2009, 10:50 AM
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Originally Posted by TheKingPin View Post
You have to remember that we are playing the Pens away, they get last change. At least Gagne is with Giroux. 95% of the time we have Gagne, Richards, or Carter out there. Plus if Carcillo can play with controlled energy and not only Malkin, but get him to start shoving and take him for 2 minutes each, that would be a plus.
Good point. I still think it's a lot to ask of Giroux. Not the most ideal of matchups.

Originally Posted by TheKingPin View Post
Im hoping the Devils play the Pens. The Caps are in second right now but have played 3 game more than the devils. The Pens have played a game more than the rags. Its a long shot, but still something worth rooting for. I think we can beat anyone else in the East, but the Devils. I want to see how the Pens are playing Sunday before I say we cant beat them in a best of seven. I mean they are playing good teams during their streak, but mostly lesser teams. We have played the Devils, Caps, Bruins, Wings, and Flames in our last bunch of games....
Devils vs. Penguins would be ideal. And with any luck, it would go 7 games. I don't want to have anything to do with the Devils, as I think the East goes thru them. I'm not too worried about Boston, and we've beaten the Caps. With a healthy team, and some discipline (ie: stay the **** out of the box), I think we can beat them in a 7 game series.

Originally Posted by dr.rosenrosen View Post
oh i know they will make the playoffs but if they drop down a spot to 6th or 7th that would be great. i'd like to see a first round match up between the pens and caps. let them kill each other for 7 games.

also i hated the fact that they picked up kunitz, i like him and he was on my fantasy for a minute. now i have to hate him.
So long as we don't draw them in the 1st round, I'll be happy. Either the Devils orr Caps...I'd rather see them play the Devils myself.

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