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09-03-2004, 10:36 PM
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but do you honestly think that owners will significantly lower ticket prices even if they get a cap and all this cost certainty stuff they want? hell no!
When faced with the possibility no one is going? Maybe. I've certainly seen stranger price drops in different markets.

they will wring the fans for everything they can long as the fans keep paying, they'll keep the ticket prices right where they are. and for the most part, if a team is doing well they sell out their home games (well...maybe not ALL teams) so what incentive do the owners have to lower ticket prices? people are still paying...the arena is still filling up...what do you mean people can't afford to go see a hockey game? there's an arena full of them!

Problem is that arean's ARENT filling up and many of those sellouts you see in areas like NY are because of company bought tickets.

Around the league, attendance isn't that great.

only if people flat out say "i can't afford this" and stop going to games will ticket prices come down other way, doesn't matter how much money the owners save with a new CBA or's still gonna be similar to what it is now
I dunno about that, owners want people in the seats because it means they get money from other areas {parking, food, etc.}

But when you're already losing money {by the truck load} it makes it hard to justify cutting ticket costs.

Hockey doesn't have the wealth that some other sports has to draw from. When the Yankees dont sell a game they have other revenues they can draw from without going into the red. With hockey it's more a level right now of trying not to get deeper into the red.

on the CBA negotiations...i'm not really expecting to hear any good news until the thing is actually done. i think right up until the day it's over with we'll here this kind of "bad news". this is just a negative negotiation process with both sides spinning what they want...i don't really think either side is gonna come out and say "yeah we had a great negotiation today, i think we really moved things forward, the other side had some great ideas and we worked on some stuff". it's always gonna be sniping at the other side as they jockey for public opinion.

so i don't even see this as "bad news".
Granted there is a level of politics in everything, both sides arent even close to agreeing what they disagree on.

Where the bad news come in is that this sport simply cannot survive work stoppages that happen elsewhere. There simply isn't the wiggle room. So positioning or not it's bad news because while both sides play their little game you increase the odds of certain teams going under and other developments.

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