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09-04-2004, 09:03 AM
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My point of contention

was not about an opinion, but rather about the obvious. If dmen who are 6'2" 200+ do not have size, then what does consitute size? Just as scouts and organizations can differ on their appraisals regarding players, so to can us fans. If you say that a guy is 6'5" but plays like Willie Huber I think everyone would get the point. The 5 or 6 young defensemen I picked out from our organization are a far cry from Willie Hubersque type players. I think the comment that the organization lacks size is inaccruate and does not present a true picture of what is in the organization.

Say what people will about Sather, he has rebuilt the minor league and scouting portions of the organization. He started by cleaning the house of career minor leaguers that Smith had brought in to win a Calder Cup in Hartford. He signed UFA players who were either undrafted or not tendered renewal contracts. He took a flyer on those type of players to fill a void until he could bring in drafted talent in the mold of the protype ranger that he wanted in the organization. Next he revamp the whole staff in that part of the organization. There are several top quality people now working in the scouting department and the minor leagues. All of this took time. We are now starting to see that patience start to pay some dividends.

Are many of our prospects from lower rounds? Yes. Are they to be considered long shots? Yes. But, have a good many of them continued to develope from when they were 17 or 18? Yes. Some people are still viewing them in that context. They are not the same players that they were when they were drafted. Many have gone from good Jr, High School or College players ready to make the next step to the pros. Here is the real dividing line. What Sather has done with Calgary camp is remarkable. Only an organization that has the financial resources could untake something of that magnitude. Yes the rangers are not alone in doing this, but who does it for 3 weeks! Therein lies the difference.

The other part of my observation is how similarily ranked predrafted players all of a sudden develope some intangiable trait post draft, without ever suiting up and leap ahead of their comparable player group!