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Originally Posted by barnaby63
The lineup is semi-respectable but would you really want Perrault on the team? A soft 34 year old center who cant score playing with a small player in Balej and another creampuff in Schatslivy. Not good.

As for the pairings, if you want to go with something like that i would suggest...

ok, perrault is a good pp specialist from what i understand, and a pretty decent playmaker, which is why i set him with balej. you say small player in balej he is 6'1" 190lbs which is small but not that small , if he could get up to 200 wouldnt be that bad. plus from what everyone makes this kid out to be he is a superstar so if he finds his game then yes perrault could be good with him. nyr needs a center and a lw, we have absolutley no depth at the moment ready to go at center, and lw. so its crucial to fill those spots, only to make sure that they are filled with proper vets that will only be here to help the kids grow, thats the reason for who would u assume nyr uses to fill the top6 lw and center spot?

as for the d pairings im not all that high on the tyutin and rachunek one sounds good in a way , but i dont know if it would work, well it would if rachunek gets his game going . kondratiev and kaspar would be a excellent pair, to simialr dfense players with some physical play.Lampman and Pock, i just dont see happenng basically 2 rookies i think pock is ready for nhl play i juts dont think lampman really is and will be paired with a vet, and should be paired with a vet. i notice how poti was left out on my part and yours , i really would like to see him moved, but realistically he is not so maybe something likethis lineup could work.i think marshall should get a spot. the lineup below would work i think i just would like to see marshall in and lampman out , just for now . with pock playinmg with marshall will give him a chance to pinch, knowing marshall will be staying back, plus lets pock learn the d side of the game from a solid vet like marshall, so thats my non poti pairings. plus u forget we need some toughness on d and we have none we will be getting rolled over by tougher and more physical teams.

Kasparitis - Kondratiev
Pock - Marshall ( poti needs a stay at home vet and marshall would work )
Tyutin -Rachunek

here is what most likely will be seen more like this wiull be similar to the lineup, nyr will go with 3 vets poti kaspar and marshall and 3 young guys rachunek, pock and tyutin.
maybe marshall paired with poti being a stay at home dman could really help his game and his confidence on the rush and in his own zone.

poti -marshall

What does anyone think of a first pairing of Tyutin and Pock it has never been mentioned which is wierd, they both look and seem to be very mature for there age and i think can handle the nhl play there will be mistakes but overall they could become a top pairing years to come tyutinand pock are bothe excellent 2 way players, with pock having a higher offensive upside and tyutin having a higher defnesive side could work. the pair could be a solid #1#2 punch for NYR, i wouldnt mind seeing it.

Tyutin -Pock
Rachunek - Kaspar

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