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03-21-2009, 12:21 PM
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Originally Posted by golfmade View Post

I didn't look that hard. Just checked the GDT. Funny to me, I'd say that those videos prove more elbows than fists. That super slo-mo one is pretty cut and dried.

"Sleeves are just extending down his arm with the force of it all. That's really his fist."


He did get popped with the uppercut, but I can only see one left that connects with a fist.

Tootoo plays with an edge, and there are times he's a little bit too theatrical, but when he does something stupid, I call him on it. Every reasonable Preds fan has cringed at least a couple of times at Tootoo, but if he ever hit someone with his elbow pads, you can be damn sure that a tape would be sent and a suspension to follow.

I can't really say that Staubitz and Tootoo will fight again this year (he's not supposed to be fighting with his finger anyway) but I fully expect next season to see a good bout.

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