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Originally Posted by BrooklynRangersFan View Post
And therefore must be formally negotiated and amended. If you think that is an easy thing, you have no clue about the American legal system.

EDIT: To clarify, Ola, if everyone agreed and had the same motivation, amending it would be a matter of paying the lawyers fees and getting the details ironed out (which would cost a mint and involve several months of negotiation). BUT, not everyone has the same motivation. If teams like the Rangers and the Wings had their way there would be no cap to begin with. However, teams like the Coyotes are already up against the wall under the current Cap. And you think that they'll agree to an increase if they get a reprieve due to the economy?!?!?! Not bloody likely, my friend.
Yeah, I wasn't trying to get in the middle of something.

Just pointing out what I wrote.

And, if lets say HRR were to fall 50% -- just for example -- nobody would benefit from the cap gooing down 50%. The results would just be a bunch of stars in the AHL. It would become a circus. The poor teams who can't afford big contracts in the minors would have to trade them to teams who do, probably along with picks et c.

So if that extreme, unlikely situation, would happend I am 100% sure that something else would be worked out. The NHLPA have nothing to gain either in having a bunch of big stars in the AHL riding the buss. The players whos contracts were up would have been screwed royally because nobody would have money.

But the HRR won't fall 50%. If it falls 20%, I really don't know what would happend. But I don't think its extremely unlikely that the PA and NHL worked some middleground out that was fair to all players. Because the NHL teams will pay the same amount no matter what, the same % of the HRR. So it really comes down to the players. Either that years FA group gets screwed, and some stars goes to teh AHL -- or NHL and the NHLPA keeps the cap but with big repayments done afterwards, or they agree on roll backs. The NHL pay the same amount, but it hits the players in diffrent ways.

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