Thread: News Article: Stevens ponders changes for Flyers
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03-22-2009, 01:34 AM
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Originally Posted by Shoeny View Post
Carcillo shouldnt be matched up with any teams first line. He is a defensive liability. Carcillo may start on the third line, but he will get a bad penalty and will be benched and Asham will be on the third line.

Anyone else find it ironic that Stevens would put Upshall in his doghouse and now he's complaining about the team lacking energy.
Yes, very ironic....Any notice Upshall has 6 points since the trade, with 3 goals???

Originally Posted by Stonehands77 View Post
Stevens ponders changes? Hmm, like a defensive system for the team to employ, perhaps? Or maybe figuring out a way to break out of their own end?

I really wish the Pens could've kept their idiot head coach a bit longer. It was a lot of fun seeing them on the verge of not making the playoffs.
Yeah right....Now you are dreaming. The only thing Stevens knows how to do is change his line combinations everytime the team struggles. While that may work sometimes, he never changes HOW the team plays.

Originally Posted by twenty2 View Post
Anyone here still complaining about the new lines?
They are OK....Not a very good defensive line among the 3 though. Giroux is a good defensive player but I dont want him matching up with top lines as a center at this point in his career.

Originally Posted by twenty2 View Post
Richards is going to get his points regardless. Please tell me if you think otherwise.

On top of that I'd MUCH rather have Briere on the 2nd line with Carter and Hartnell than Lupul.

Then my biggest concern was the top line, but when I watched Giroux make some of those passes I realized for the first time that he was as patient if not more patient of a passer than Richards. I knew he had the eyes for setting people up, but this was the first time I saw the thinking-two-steps-ahead passes. Personally I loved it.

So then Richards gets trapped on the 3rd line with "two useless lumps at even strength". Actually Richards could do a lot worse. Remember why Lupul had a 0.8 PPG year last season when healthy? Richards made him better. And well Carcillo is Carcillo. No arguing with you there. I still say Richards will get his points and his ice time.
Richards will get his points regardless, and his ice time....But I do agree with Dig's quote below:

Originally Posted by Dig Out Your Soul View Post
Oh he'll get his points when he happens to not be on the ice with those two (special teams, line change situations like last night's goal with Briere). But I could care less about his points. You want Lupul and Carcillo matched up with Crosby on Sunday?

Gagne-Richards-Knuble were just named the league's third most effective line by some publication (HN?) because of their ability to shut down opposing lines and score. Now one of the league's best defensive players is centering two huge defensive liabilities that I don't want anywhere near Crosby.

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