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09-04-2004, 04:50 PM
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A Luxury tax doesn't help the owners in any way. The only thing that a luxury tax will accomplish is having the owners of the rich teams be forced to pay more money for their players.

This doesn't lower the player salaries, it doesn't regulate them either, as any owner who wants to sign a player isn't going to stop because of a luxury tax. The reason why a salary cap was suggested by the owners was that it would create a solid wall for free spending GMs and thus all 30 GMs would have to give out smart contract to players.

A luxury tax won't make the GMs any wiser than they are right now, and they will continue to spend the same amount on players on top of losing more money because of that luxury tax.

For the players to suggest a luxury tax really decreases my respect for their union, a luxury tax would do nothing more than make the owners shell out more money, and those are the kind of changes that the players will be looking to get with the new CBA.

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