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09-04-2004, 05:33 PM
Benji Frank
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Originally Posted by littleHossa
A Luxury tax doesn't help the owners in any way. The only thing that a luxury tax will accomplish is having the owners of the rich teams be forced to pay more money for their players.
I still think even the dumbest of owners would realize paying a Bobby Holik 8 mill per when it puts them 5 or 6 mill over a cap and thus turning the contract into 13 or 14 mill per is a poor decision. I think a luxury tax would certainly do the trick. IMO the teams would shy away from signing the stars, but still look long and hard at signing the superstar marquee guys ... Calgary knows what a J.Iginla brings to their team. If they need to go a mill or two over the cap to retain him, they can and pay the penalty. IMO, a player who can put fans in the stands shouldn't be limited to playing for a team who otherwise has a pile of plumbers. And that's what'll happen if a team possessing a Peter Forsberg, J.Iginla, J.Thornton, etc has to do so within a Solid Cap scenario......

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