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09-04-2004, 05:39 PM
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Originally Posted by CH
Really? Having a high priced team that consistently misses the playoffs is best for business in New York?

Wouldn't they be in a better place in terms of business if they had a cheaper younger team like Tampa or Calgary or San Jose or Ottawa?
in theorory yes, but Dolan owns MSG and the TV station that shows most ranger games. As long as that stadium is full, and people are watching TV, he is raking in the bucks(you can say he triple dips into the profits owning the team, sadium and tv station). In order to make sure he keeps people interested, he has to make them excited for some reason or another. That's why he goes out and signs a big named player or trades for players who have large contracts. Neil Smith has said on many occasions that he was basically forced from management to sign players.

If the Rangers went on a 6-7 year rebuilding progam, ticket sales would decrease as the impatient NY fanbase would find other way to entertain themself(ie tv revenues would decrease). People would complain the owners are not interested in putting on a winning team and inturn not show up to games. Going about it the way they do now, sure the team will never win the stanley cup, but they will always give the people something to be interested in(as bad as it is)

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