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09-04-2004, 07:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Trottier
Hard evidence to the contrary: it's working in Major League Baseball. Look it up. Salaries overall have decreased 3% since the luxury tax was implemented in the 2002 CBA. With one notable exception - the team in NY that hasn't won anything since 2000 - not one team has ventured over the luxury tax threshold.

Of course, that may not impress those wishing draconian steps, with the fantasy of turning back salaries to yesteryear.

The NHL is lacking competiveness? Wonder if they are saying that in Anaheim, Carolina, Calgary, TB, etc. Let me guess: fan of a non-contender?

There are valid reasons for clamoring for changes to the CBA (though a hardcap is the worse thing that could happen to the NHL and its fans). But the idea that the league needs more competitivness (parity ) is without merit. All one needs to do is check the tightness of regular season standings, check the closeness of individual games on a nightly basis. Then, check the varied results of recent playoff seasons. The NHL is as competitive as any sports league can be without being watered down with medicority, er, parity.
Reading this post made me re-think mine. I'm talking more about teams like the Blackhawks and Penguins but they could make a run like the Ducks and Flames did maybe not as easily but there is a possibility. There is a competitiveness in the league right now, but if you can get every team to commit to 45 millon to spend the league will be more competitive. Sure the Hurricanes and Ducks made those runs but they didn't continue that into the next season. And I'm a fan of the Flyers, would of wanted a cap so we didn't over pay for LeClair, Burke, and Amonte.

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