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03-22-2009, 05:49 PM
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Originally Posted by Jules801 View Post
I kinda threw this out there in the gdt. I know a lot of you guys are focusing on an image theme first, but I think it might be better to come up with a saying or slogan....the pics would come naturally. I gave the example of how we get no respect from the national media,m and spinning something off that.

Someone then said something to the effect of the Bingo game. Our short handed goals. Cheesesteaks. Etc. Something like that.
I think this is a brilliant idea.

If we all come up with different slogans, I think we can play the pics off of them. I don't necessarily think we need just one single theme, but I'm open to whatever the majority rules.

I think I'd like a pic of Holmgren wearing a bunch of various hats (caps, if you will) Maybe a logo in the background, and solid black bar on the bottom, and in orange or white type (whichever looks better) I want it to say...Cap Trouble.

Here's an idea for the bars/banding, obviously something a little different so it's unique to our team...

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