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09-04-2004, 09:00 PM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
my exact words were "as long as they choose to"

under a cap, whether they want to or not, they will not be allowed to. big difference.

cap or luxury tax no matter what either way would kill any team w/ a group of talented youth, no matter if they're the sens, wings, ducks, preds, don't matter, any team would be in trouble with a tax, a cap would at least help put salaries in check and there wouldn't be outrageous spending on one player like there has been for the past decade

a tax would just deter gm's from outrageous contracts, but the few who could afford to pay would still pay and would still throw the league for a loop like the present day

a cap meanwhile, would make gm's think twice about handing out the outrageous contracts, and while some, such as you, would argue that it limits what a player can make, the player would still make quite a large sum when it all comes down to it, if one team couldn't pay, another team would have more room to pay IMO, the wiggle room would be there, a cap would show all players what they're truly worth, certainly if a gm thought so and so is worth 8 mil, that's fine and dandy, however he'd be stretched to the limit to ice a competitive club after that IMO, depending on where the cap is set at, im guessing right now that it'd be somewhere between 40 and 55 mil... just a rough estimate, 31 is way too low, but 60 seems a little too high, granted if 60 is a starting point it wouldn't be too bad of a springboard, the top spenders would have a little leeway before the full impact would hit

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