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09-04-2004, 09:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Licentia
They would have to make room on their roster or let him go. Or, if there is no other team that has room for him, then he would have to accept less pay. Or they could go over the cap at a steep penalty. Trust me, if there is a cap, the average salary will no longer be 1.8 million or whatever it is. More players will be making 6 digit salaries.
Like I said, I realize salaries will be lower, I was just giving an example in today's terms.

And I think you see my point. Iginla would have to take a huge paycut, or go somewhere else. If he left, it would hurt the Flames, but isn't the point of a cap to help teams like the Flames? So what if the Flames traded a bunch of other players to open up cap room? Then Calgary is back where they started, with a bunch of minor leaguers and one superstar, and no chance to compete.

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