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09-05-2004, 12:41 AM
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Originally Posted by DementedReality
2) the evidence shows that small markets and rebuilding teams have had more success than any of hte big markets. the game is played on the ice, not on paper and just because TOR, PHI, and NYR have spent alot, they have not done better than ANA, MIN, OTT, CRL, BUF, CGY or TBY in the last 5 years.

seriously, the fact that there has been multiple different teams in the final 4 in the last number of years isnt evidence of competitive balance ?

Good Grief!!!

Ottawa has an owner who is bleeding green. They were bankrupt for a while. So was Buffalo. Anaheim made the final and died the next year, Minnesota is not a small market, Carolina made the final and died the next year, Calgary will probably not make the playoffs based on trends with Carolina, Washington, Florida, Anaheim, Buffalo etc. The cinderella teams never stay on top.

Teams like Detroit, Philladelphia, Toronto, have been on top of the league for a long time.

Competitive balance is year in year out. Not a cinderella run to the cup final only to lose - and then miss the playoffs the next year. That's what happens every year with these cinderella runs to the final.

These arguments have been answered already.

There is no way on this planet or any other that a team like Edmonton would be able to do as well as a team like Detroit over the next 20 years. If both teams had exactly the same players, Detroit would have had a more successful 20 years than Edmonton. End of story!!

Not paying players is as silly as telling a gas station to not pay a person to pump gas because they can't afford it. If no one pumps gas they will have no customers at all. If these teams don't sign players to keep themselves half-a$$ed competitive then the fans will leave and the team will fold.

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