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03-23-2009, 01:15 PM
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Originally Posted by Quiet Robert View Post
Fair enough and you bring up some good points but when talking specifically about Montreal's situation, in this case I don't know if Bernier would have the proper support structure. The way this team is going now a guy like Bernier could fall into a funk, revert to old habits, then the media would get on him and we could be saddled with Penner2.0 (if he gets a big contract this summer.) Or he would be labeled as the saviour and unrealistic expectations would be attached to him. (Latendresse2.0) Either way without the proper group in place to support him, it's lose-lose for a kid like Bernier in Montreal.

Montreal needs to worry about its top end players and put in place a solid leadership group that is based around work ethic and teamwork before they start to think about acquiring support players. Especially if they are young support players who have more risk attached to them. I'm not knocking Bernier, but realistically, in a situation like Montreal's, you have to consider the risks.

In Vancouver's situation, it might be a case of it being a great fit. He's not asked to be the guy, the media isn't going to treat him like a superstar and blow his accomplishments and potential out of proportion (which could happen in Montreal) and he seems to have a good veteran support system in the locker room.

My first comment may have been a bit snarky, and I don't want to come across as though I don't like Bernier, but I think Montreal's problems run deeper than support players. We're going to need to make some serious changes in the offseason. Once those are addressed and the core is in place, we can start to look at support players like Bernier.
quite possible that happens to him in Montreal... but I think the problem isn't then the media or atmosphere in Montreal, or even players like Bernier - it's the organization and how they develop and treat their own players.

I think a big reason why he's had success - at least when it comes to his work ethic - is the structure put in place in Vancouver... there's a specialized training staff that sets programs for every player individually... a nutritionist staff that makes all meals specifically for each player depending on body type and needs... things in place like that can only help a player's development overall.. we've already seen the tremendous effect this has had on Wellwood this season as well.

Not saying that this is the only reason why Bernier has been able to be successful this season, but this is likely a big reason for it... another reason, IMO that Bernier has shown significant improvement in his work ethic is because of players like Kesler and Burrows around... he played with them for a good portion of the season earlier, and their work ethic seems to have rubbed off on him (like it does with a lot of other players on the team).

and there's no way I can see Bernier getting a contract anything close to Penner's unless he gets an offer sheet - in which case I hope the canucks just take the picks... Bernier is a good player, but not worth anything close to that... he is right now overpaid at $2.5mill because of that last offer sheet. I can see him signing for a bit less on a 3-4 year deal instead (in the $2mill/yr range), similar to what we saw with Kesler after he accepted his $1.9mill offer sheet and signed at $1.75mill/yr after.

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