Thread: Value of: Steve Bernier to the Habs?
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03-23-2009, 01:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Hiphopopotamus View Post
That may be but it's hard to take Canuck fan seriously when every player mentioned in a trade is their best or "consistent" player.
tell me how that's different than what you get from fans of every team?

I remember reading MANY threads about how Latendresse was the second coming only a year ago... an "untouchable" player that there's no way that Montreal would ever deal... Higgins was talked about just like that as well... as were Komisarek, and the Kostityns... and just a couple months ago, you couldn't trade the world for Price either.

every fan base overrates their own players... the best thing to do is actually watch them play... and I doubt that anyone that watches Bernier play every game would think that his work ethic hasn't been consistent all season long.

but seriously, I find it ridiculous that you'd take a shot at canuck fans for doing what every fan base does with their players

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