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03-23-2009, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyHigh View Post
That was pretty much the best hockeywatching night of my life. I mean, even just from neutral standpoint, the UML-NU game must have been awesome. We all went crazy when UML scored to tie and win (sorry), but I would have LOVED to play NU in the final.

The BC/BU game though....I still can't get over it. After it was 1-1, some BC player took a dive at center ice and I was just screaming profanity at him until Strait scored like 8 seconds later. Then when Wilson scored, my god.

After Wilson scored, everybody was screaming at the band "Play the ******* song!!!" and when they played it, the 2nd "**** em up, **** em up BC sucks" chant was just so epic.

I still can't get over that game. I mean, you could hear the desperation in the crowd in the 3rd period, when Cohen scored that goal, it was just this massive, massive release.

Still though, NU fans and BU fans were the only ones that bothered to show up for any of the games, so it would have been nice if they had played each other.

EDIT: BTW, watching Parker during the games is hilarious. His assistants do all the actual coaching (line changes, diagramming plays, etc.) while he just screams at the refs. Also, NU's coach (can't remember his name ATM) absolutely terrifies me, what a beast.
Wish I couldve been there, but I was just watching on my laptop and screaming quite vulgar statements just as you did on the dive, but cheered almost as loud as when the Flyers beat the Caps in Game 7 last year after Wilson scored.

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