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Originally Posted by nuckfan in TO View Post
secondly, I don't think any canuck fan doesn't care if Luongo leaves... it's more a reason for why he left... if he leaves because he's chasing the biggest paycheck, I think all canuck fans will sympathize with the team... if he leaves because the team can't put a contender around him and he's basically forced to carry the team on his own, I think most fans will sympathize with Luongo.

right now we don't know anything really... I think however most canuck fans should be happy that management is doing the right things to try and build a winner here... and the team has done plenty to show Luongo already that a) he's a huge part of their team and b) they are trying to build a contender here right now around him... so with that said, if Luongo still isn't happy, as a canuck fan I have no problem moving on.

we'll have to wait and see what happens though... it's all speculation at this point, and outside the comments after a frustrating loss, there's no reason to think he's not happy with his role and the direction of the team overall.

Great point. As a fan though - don't you wish your team captain would have said "I'm committed to winning the Stanley Cup in VAN. We've put together a really great group of players this year and we all collectively have to step it up and raise our level of play in the play-off's."

RL was great in the play-off's against Dallas, and it wasn't like DAL was the 80's Oilers scoring wise. The Canucks have put together a really strong team, and are spending close to the cap. AKA - there's not much more the organization do to give RL a chance to win the Cup. It's not like Roberto is toiling away for the Islanders with a bunch of young kids or retreads in front of him. Luongo has to be the difference maker for the Canucks.

When you're the team captain and the highest paid player on the team - I think you need to say that instead of (my paraphrase) "I want to go where I have the best chance to win the Cup". If you want to win - play better.

[EDIT - removed error about losing to the Stars in the play-off's]

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