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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Alright, I got the message...

Yet, you cannot play Staal any more minutes without a risk of burning the kid out. I think Girardi-Staal time should not be affected.
First, I think Staal can handle more time. He's not straight out of junior any more and if we have learned anything this season it is that Staal hasn't been pushed enough as he has handled any challenges he has been given. He wasn't supposed to be the #1 this season otherwise they wouldn't have signed Redden and maybe not Roszival. When they faltered Staal took it up and he is the man on the blueline. He got Mara's game going, then Roszival's and finally Girardi's. He has been given the greenlight to get involved offensively and he is blossoming under the new mandate. His points are increasing but the real jump is how he is able to take the puck from our goal line and carry it out to and past center ice in an effortless manner. It's nice that the staff here has acted in his best interests over the last 3 or so years, but from what I can see out there his game grows leaps and bounds anytime he is given more responsibility.

Second, if Staal and Girardi's time doesn't increase, that means that Morris and Redden have to pick up all the slack unless you are more comfortable with Mara and Sauer getting 20+ minutes a night. It makes sense to give the lion's share to Staal/Girardi, some more time to Morris/Redden and cut the time from the Sauer/Mara pairing. Schoenfeld should supplement Mara's time with shifts along side Morris and Staal, both of whom show great chemsitry with Mara.

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