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Originally Posted by Stonehands77 View Post
God, that was abso-****ing-lutely awful. Imagine how you felt when the Devs came back against the Flyers in the 2000 playoffs. Now, multiply it by having it be by far the best season ever for the team you follow, and the fact that it was ****ing Lowell, who always has their number in the playoffs, and you can begin to approach how absolutely furious I was about the end of that game. Seriously, too many men? Up by 1, with less than 2 minutes to go? I thought Cronin was going to kill someone. Hell, I wanted to break stuff.
Yeah that has to suck. NU being a good team is great for Hockey East, I've heard Thiessen is sticking around, so hopefully you'll stay good even with losing Ginand and Vitale.

Originally Posted by Stonehands77
BC fans didn't show up? I'm shocked! I thought they were "Superfans!" I can at least have some respect for BU fans, who will always show up and have always been, in my experience, loud and supportive. BC fans I have little respect for, because they're mostly front-runners.
God, it was truly pathetic. There were a couple thousand BU students on the one side of the ice and on the other side, the BC student "group" was like 30 kids and I'm not exaggerating at either end. I know they had the NCAA game, but still, that's pathetic.

Originally Posted by Stonehands77
I will say the anti-BC chant BU fans do (well, did...haven't been to a NU-BU game in a few years so don't know if they still do it) during every game is a little weird. It's like fans at Flyers/Phillies game doing the "E-A-G-L-E-S" chant. Uhh, wrong game guys!
Yeah, I dunno, we just do it for fun at every game, it's always much better at the BC games though of course.

Originally Posted by Stonehands77
Glad to see some things never change. Does he still delay line changes to try and grab the last change even when BU is the road team? That drove me insane when I was a season ticket holder. Only saw him get called on it once or twice, too.

Oh, and Greg Cronin is awesome. He's been amazing at NU, and I hope they can keep him around for a while. And yes, he's a beast...I'd never want to cross him.
I've only been to a few BU away games, but I haven't noticed it too much. I don't really see him do anything, I think his main value at this point is from the recruiting standpoint.

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