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03-24-2009, 10:18 AM
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If this does not get addressed (MacT fired) then he will ask to be traded. Guaranteed. Who wouldn't? He sees Horcoff, a natural 2nd or 3rd liner, getting 7 million per year and praised by the Oilers. He's underpayed compared to his peers and MacT is a player killer. There's no coincidence that players come here and suck, then leave and go back to being as good as they used to be.

Don't even get me started on Schremp. The guy comes up, is arguably our top offensive guy for the games he was up (2) and then MacT rips him and sends him to the minors. WTF kind of message is that when you play Gagner, whos been a POS all year?

Do the Oilers think that players don't talk to each other and that they have not made their own bed here? MacT is an idiot. We don't attract players because of it and he's now lost the room, as I've been saying for 2 years. Hemmer saying this is a nice way of him saying "Things better change fast or I'm requesting a trade." Simple as that.

Will Lowe and Tambi get the message. I bet Tambi wanted to fire MacT long ago. It's Lowe that is the problem in this matter. How many times has Lowe gone down to talk to MacT before games like Tambi has this year? Tambi is clearly frustrated and obviously restricted in what he can do.

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