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03-24-2009, 01:29 PM
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Start the "he's injury plagued" story line, leading up to his eventual trade, so the apologista's have a way to rationalize it. That and he never really bought in to TM's defensive system, as evidenced by his benchings.

I'll save myself the flames by NOT naming names now, but I think its easy to predict who on this board will be spouting these excuses when trying to support his upcoming trade.

Besides, I'm sure Frolov is going to be greedy and want more than he's worth when its time for him to renegotiate

And what better way to assure your exit from this team than to not agree to take the DL/team discount such that DL will not re-sign him. Combine that with a defensive lapse or two throughout the season, and we definitely don't need that kind of player on our team. Right DL?

And all that will be proof that Frolov doesn't have Kings logo tatooed on his butt.
Good thing I didnt eat breakfast this morning!

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