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03-24-2009, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by BroadwayStorm View Post
The Giants should absolutely slaughter that team. Even in Denver.
I smell a homer. Without Burress, the Giants are an average at best football team. Everyone said it was Umenyiora, Strahan or Shockey, but Burress is the key to that team.

With the attention he draws from the opponent's defense, it opens up the running game, and that's how it's so effective. Why do you think Philadelphia beat them in the playoffs? They're not paying attention to Hixon, Smith and the rest of the average wideouts and instead stack 8 in the box to shut down Jacobs and Ward.

Burress coming back is possible, but he still has legal issues he has to deal with, although he won't go to jail I'm sure because celebrities always get off easy. Still, the Giants may not want the trouble he brings. Better hope they make a huge push for Edwards or Boldin.

Regardless, you say they should "kill" Denver, why? The Broncos problem was their defense, which they addressed pretty well in the off-season. Bringing in a guy like Brian Dawkins will do wonders for their defense. With the amount of leadership he brings it'll raise everybody's game every single week. They'll play harder because Dawkins won't let them not give 100% every single play. They also brought in Reid, Hill, Goodman and Fields to help them out.

Now someone's going to say to me 'Well, the Giants brought in Canty, Bernard and Boley, you're not accounting for that', when in reality, DL isn't the Giants big need. Boley is a decent player, but is he really the answer at LB?

I see the teams as pretty even. The Giants are not a top 5 football team, but keep looking back at the Super Bowl a year ago and telling yourself that they are.

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