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03-25-2009, 04:57 AM
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Originally Posted by seventieslord
Smith fell into my lap last night. Now that I have him, I'll tell you a story. I really regretted taking Briere in the morning yesterday. Not that he's a bad player, but I got seduced by his playoff numbers since the lockout and then I noticed Juneau just a bit too late. I really hoped he'd last another day but sure enough, leave it to CR to clean up all the guys we talked about in AAA8 / the top-1000 thread So I'm researching and I come across Harry Smith a bunch of times and I keep thinking he has to be taken considering he's led multiple leagues in scoring, and scored over two goals per game, and was tough. Nope, available. So you know how when you discover a player you start to get really suspicious that everyone else knows about him and wants to take him? Yeah, I did that. I set my cell phone alarm so I could hop out of bed at 7 AM and post my pre-written bios. I wouldn't put anything past you guys, especially you, VI. Seriously, if I knew he was available in MLD10, I would not have hesitated to make him a #1 center and captain there. I think he's the star of the draft!
I think not.

Harry Smith was not as tough as Alf. But he had a temper. And he was the slowest player on the Silver Seven, and not one of their "Seven" starters in their heyday, was one of the extras used sometimes.

But Harry had a great shot and was a very eager player, determined, enthusiastic. I imagine a Geoff Courtnall type.

He is a great pick at this level and a decent pick at the AAA level. No way should he start at the MLD level.

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