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Originally Posted by MTL-rules View Post
Listening to Rush Limbaugh a little too much, aren't you...
Lol, it wasn't even an opinion, just stating facts. I was referring to us with a French Canadian background. Those who made the original comment are. This might help...

In 1960 Liberals under Jean Lesage come to power, the Quiet Revolutions begins
Problem: French Canadian Quebecers are considered 2nd class citizens. Political and economic power rests with small English speaking elite

a. have a long term strategy
b. surround yourself with brilliant ambitious people
c. have an independent banking system Caisse Populaire. Handled pensions, government programs, pay
d. nationalize future’s energy program (Hydro Quebec)
e. nationalize education, change it to reflect the long term needs of the province; emphasize technical needs
f. fund cultural programs

My point is that considering our past, this proposal to nationalize our hockey team seems too familiar.

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