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03-25-2009, 08:49 PM
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Originally Posted by tantrum4 View Post
You're trying to tell me YOU are giving DL suggestions on who he hires to run the Kings?? WOW! That is the single most greatest line in any hockey thread on the entire internet I've ever read. Hey next time you're telling him how to do his job, can you suggest to him he should make a trade for Ovechkin and Crosby? Why don't you just tell him that he has to re-sign Frolov and he can't trade him, then you don't have to worry about it anymore...priceless..
Rather than address substance, you, once again, wish to cast aspersion. . Nor is this the first time I have mentioned that on this site, and funny, you are the ONLY PERSON, who doesnt seem to get that DL is truly interested in what long term fans, STH's as well as casual fans think and feel about the team, so he can tune in to the team's fan base. It's why I have been invited to and attended several of these private meetings and almost all the breakfasts and meet the GM functions. Its why DL endures being asked questions mundane and bizzare far more often than most GM's make themselves available. That and a bit, ahem, of ego too.

But just so you can feel special, and so you check up on me, Maybe you would like the names of the four other STH's present in that meeting in the executive conference room at Toyota Training Center in June of 2008, or maybe you can ask Kelly Cheesman, Chris McGowan or Mike Alteri, heck even ask Hexy or DL himself to confirm as fact )that when I asked DL who they had considered as coaching candidiates to replace Crawford [he had just recently been fired] I asked if they had called up or spoken with Harpo (who I have known and skated with for many years, and who kept his house in Manhattan Beach when he took a job with the Blackhawks after he got the axe along with Andy Murray). DL looked at Hexy, surprised, and said that they hadn't thought of him, but they would certainly "put him on the list" (DL loves his lists) to evaluate for hiring. [And I must have been right, as he got hired!]

So yeah, if suggesting the name of a well qualified, yet previously not considered person for a job vacancy equates in your mind with TELLING THE GM HOW TO DO HIS JOB then I am guilty as charged. YES I TOLD THE GM HOW TO DO HIS JOB. Now I have neither the time nor inclination to attempt to justify myself to you any further, instead I would rather you just said thank you and went on your way. But either way I don't give a damn what you think is priceless.

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