Thread: Switzerland: Swiss hockey players in NHL/AHL
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03-26-2009, 12:05 PM
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stv11, that was an excellent response! I have really enjoyed this discussion and you have helped me to better understand the system from a Swiss perspective.

Thank you for taking the time to respond.

You mentioned that you worked under a Canadian coach, which leads me in another direction.

What is the Swiss mentality towards foreign coaches at a youth level?

I too have coached a little bit (in Canada, England, and in Bahrain) and I am an international teacher in Basel now (which I may have already mentioned), so therefore I am used to working mit kinder.

Unfortunately, my German (or should I say Swiss German) is progressing really, well, langsam. Would the EHC Basel (Dragons) be interested in my help? I have been really busy this year integrating (although I did manage to get in 24 games myself), but I was considering volunteering to offer some help next year to players in the minor hockey program. I am not a Canadian certified coach, unfortunately (I left Canada in 2001 after graduating from uni, and I was a still a player at that time).

Is there certification in Switzerland, and if so, would I be a candidate despite my language difficulties and Auslander B? I would like to help in some way, and think I have some things that I could offer a team. But I do not know anyone in the system.

What do you (and others reading this) think?

After living in England and Bahrain for the past seven years, it is great to be back in a hockey culture! Thanks for welcoming me in this forum and in your country.

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