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03-26-2009, 12:59 PM
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Other notes:

- Dang, I wanted Rouse tomorrow. Did you know he went to six straight conference finals? I am pretty sure that is a record since the year the playoffs started going four rounds. I can't think of any guys who moved from one dynasty to another so I doubt anyone else has more than 5 straight besides Rouse.
- Plager was a guy I was considering as a #7 D. It kinda depended if guys like Rouse got taken or not... which they did... which means I probably wanted Plager too
- James Stewart is a nice pick. I forgot about him!
- Shuvalov is a guy I was almost set on taking in the AAA before going with Guryshev. VI, you know more than me. Did I make the right choice?
- Visnovsky was one of the better offensive D-men left. He ranked quite highly for two seaosons but was out of the top-15 before and since. I was ready to take him on day 2 but took a step back to really research older guys like Cooper and Trapp.
- Earl Robinson was one of the very few guys left with 3 top-20s in goals. Twice made the top-15.
- There is one guy left who has been a top-20 scorer in North American hockey on four occasions. He has never been top-10. Anyone know who it is? He'd make a great pick right now. I don't need him at this point.
- I think it is a major stretch to call Jimmy Orlando a cup winner in 1937 considering he played a handful of games and none in the playoffs. If it was the other way around, sure.
- There are just two post-expansion defensemen who have been top-15 among defensemen in points three times or more. One is practically a footnote in history by now even though he hasn't been retired a decade... great name, though. The other is still active, but struggles physically and in his own end. ES knows who I mean, but do the rest of you? They'd both be OK picks right now.
- I'm working on a 1904-1916 goalscoring analysis, based on both top leagues and other leagues of decent caliber. Results should be interesting and will be posted here. Basically, it is to pimp Harry Smith as the AA MVP but I'm sure it will be informative to all aside from that.

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