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09-06-2004, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by EaGLE1
Some posters will want to kill me but,

Markov is a little bit like Malakhov/Kovalev.

Sometimes he play incredibly well, and some other nights, he's an enigma. The only difference is that he play well for very long stretch, then play bad for many games.

With Kovalev/Malakhov, you never know what you gonna get the next game...

With Markov, you know when he's hot or cold.

Maybe he have a hard time adapting to fast players + inactivity. That's why he's cold. Give him so time, this tournament is so short.

Or maybe people are overfocusing on him. If you look the same player all the game, you'll see every mistakes, and that may not make him looking good.

Sorry but i dont like to bash on Markov just yet.You have to remember that he played last year with the death of is dad in mind.That can affect a player a lot.They got feelings and it might be the reason why he didnt played like 2 years ago.I just dont wanna slam Markov.Im really sure next year he will be great,our best d-men.

And you know..i think the same thing happen last year to Souray during the playoff.He probably broke up with his gfriend before the playoff and suddently play like crap haha

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