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09-06-2004, 01:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Edge
When they stop deserving the name is when i'll stop calling em that.

Besides this team has been bad for so long it's almost like when the Dodgers were in brooklyn and called the "bums".
I can see where u'r coming from, but this is a positive Rangers thread from what I gather and a negative Islanders thread, yet the Rangers r being called rags but the Islanders just Isles. Plus it doesn't matter if they suck or not, it's a derrogatory word
that Islanders fans use. I'm sure that even when the Islanders sucked their 3 fans didn't call the team the fishstix. Saying how they suck is different, but calling them Rags is uncalled for and should be left to the uneducated fans on the Island.

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